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I sit here on Saturday morning looking out at this glorious view in Venice, Italy. I consider myself blessed to be back in Europe after less than a year when I started Higher Talent Group! So much has happened since then and the business seems to have taken on a life of it's own.

This was a well needed break to help me unwind as I switch gears once again into a new direction within the business. When any of us decide to start our personal journey, sometimes the original path could take twist and turns which amazes us to no end. . .

To give a recap we started the business less than a year ago and before I knew it we were growing like crazy. The direct hire side was first to grow and by the end of the year contract labor (temporary workers) became King.

My son Max was already helping me at night and on the weekends while doing his full time job during the day and it got to the point where he wanted to come on full time and I was happy that he was able to do so. I am so fortunate that he learned my trade so quickly but when it is a small business it is the "eat or be eaten" mentality that forces one to jump in head first and survive. A small business mentality is different from a corporate one so the strong "desire to win" is what you need to look for when hiring and not everyone has that gumption. I hear this all the time with small businesses about how they might engage people who are not as passionate about the business. Fortunately, my son has the same spirit as myself so we made it work to the point where he trying to compete with me!

As my network grew from placing top level Executives so did my referrals to other new business ventures. I already feel the need to bring on more personnel but as a small business that can be very challenging. However, we have found some individuals who have that right element of passion and am very excited to have them join our Team! We are still in training mode as I do have a method to my madness with recruiting and want to make sure they are just as successful as myself when placing top talent for HTG. Once they have passed their training period I will be happy to showcase them to the world!

I have a vision of being able to consult one day on recruiting principals but I would barely whispered this to myself at night while trying to focus on filling our current positions - but the whispers turned into a actual Call and already this calling has come to place! It must of been the whispered prayers at night that brought it on? I am very grateful and will do whatever is necessary to make this part of the business a successful venture! However, we also want to keep our recruiting model going too, as this is a big part of my business model.

Effective immediately, I will splitting my time between Phoenix and Chicago while doing this project. I have a very large corporation who has asked for my expertise in various areas within the staffing/recruiting business. It is a very exciting venture and I feel confident that with my team in Arizona and me going between the two cities that this will continue to build the network that I have within the Aerospace/Aviation business.

You probably are thinking that this is too much, but frankly if you put your mind and soul towards a goal you can make it happen. I have prayed on this, consulted my mother (yes my Mom!) and it is the right thing to do. I have so many people ready to back and support me and with my Son so quickly growing into my shoes, I feel like I can achieve this new exciting venture. I cannot say much more at this point about who the company is but in time you will see much more media activity from Higher Talent Group and may also see some media activity with myself across the country. Stay tuned, please keep your positive vibes flowing for me as I venture out into an Expert Consultancy Role.

I am also hiring more recruiter's for HTG, if you think you have a sixth sense (yes that is correct that is what I look for in recruiter's), hard work ethic and a positive attitude I would like to talk to you in more detail about the opportunities I have in store!

Time to sign off, as I have a Ghost Tour to see this afternoon in Venice and I do believe my Venice apartment is haunted with a friendly ghost!

Ciao. . . . Marti

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