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For the Record...

I have heard a lot of rumors flying around lately about why I am no longer with Belcan. As you can see - I have been very discreet about my departure from Belcan as I did not want to cause a negative stir within my network of trusted professionals. However after hearing the Good, Bad and Ugly of what others are hearing about why I left - I think it is time I break my silence.

I am currently on a Sabbatical for six months while I honor my non-compete. Some people are under the impression that this is wrong of Belcan. Please know that in Engineering this is not a normal practice, however in the Staffing World (Belcan is a hybrid between the two verticals; Engineering and Staffing) this is completely normal; i.e. to be walked out from your office and to have multiple restrictions on contacting customers, candidates or your former colleagues for a period of time.

However, I will say only a small percentage of my peers will actually honor this agreement; as there are many loopholes around a non-compete. So why am I honoring my non-compete? Because it is the right thing to do and anyone who knows me personally understands that I am not the type of person who ever walks away from any relationship in a negative manner. I have never been afraid of a challenge - it only makes our character stronger and brings more wisdom as we learn from our difficult experiences.

I was with Belcan for nearly nine years and I do not regret one day that I worked with Belcan or all of the wonderful people I encountered along the way. I have worked with some of the greatest Aerospace Legends in our time and was honored to work with some great leaders who mentored me and honed my skills further. They showed me how to execute with action and passion when working with staff and customers; I am truly grateful for the mentor-ship within the Belcan family.

I was able to build my office from the ground up and Belcan allowed me to run it as though it was my own. I love what I do and I love working with Clients and helping them figure out their employment challenges by coming up with new solutions to help grow their business to the next level. I also enjoyed working with the candidates and watching them grow into a Customer one day as they grew their career path over the years.

However, as time marched on and both of us continued to grow and change - Belcan finally figured out what they wanted to do when they grew up (or at least when the investors took over) and I was in limbo with what I truly wanted. I kind of had a Jerry McGuire moment where I felt I was looking for more of a work/life balance that included non traditional practices within the office. I have over 20 years experience within recruiting/staffing and Belcan tried their best to keep me engaged with my job and were extremely flexible with me despite all the changes that were happening within the company. However I no longer felt motivated by climbing the corporate ladder and wanted more freedom than was expected in a corporate environment. I cannot blame Belcan for having their restrictions – however I still wanted to do things differently and do it my way.

There just comes a point in your life where it is time to move on and we had both agreed in a amicable manner that this was the right time; and I hope to remain in good graces with Belcan down the road. They continue to be a great organization offering a quality service and Belcan will continue to be solid as they quickly grow their footprint. Yes, they are going through change and sometimes change takes a while to settle…but they are still solid in their service offerings.

I also have great things in store for my future and will share more with you in the New Year as I slowly work out my plans/aspirations and honor my non-compete too. I love this industry too much to just walk away, I am only taking a very brief break and will be back before you know it. I will be stronger, wiser and ready to take on whatever may come my way!!

In the meantime, Happy Holidays to you all!

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