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CONSULTANCY SERVICES through The Hire Network (Subsidiary of HTG)

Continuous effort to improve the hiring process in the work force is imperative within the ever changing market.

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Recruiter ToolBox Training

Higher Talent Group provides Coaching and Training Sessions with your internal recruiters, we show them how to effectively use all of the tools in their toolbox as well as helping them set up their in-box and emails so they are better organized when dealing with a floor of messages from prospect applicants. We will show your recruiters how to set up their day as well as advise them “call advice” which involve the best time to call as well as the best way to screen candidates to determine their skills and credentials.

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Interview to Hire

We also have a Hiring Manager’s “interview to hire” package where we will review your positions with HR and go through the current challenges you may have that are impacting the hiring process. We will then work to provide solutions on how to improve the “interview to hire process” that involves your hiring managers through to the HR process. This process will help them understand the importance of their role and how their engagement and how they engage will positively (or not) impact the recruiting/hiring process.

Meeting Room

Lunch and Learn

We have customized “lunch and Learn” sessions for showing your hiring manager’s how to interview more effectively without taking away their specific skills questions that they may want to ask during the interview process. We help them realize what questions are important and how to analyze the answers given by the candidates are relevant and will create a “success outcome” with getting the right people hired. We can also do this as a one to one session with each hiring manager if more thought is required for specific departments.

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