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We are looking for passionate people who believe in making the world of work a better place. We want those great individuals who have the talent and the drive to succeed for one of our valued Customers!

Higher Talent carefully selects the right individual for our Customers who are expanding their business. We are classified as a woman owned small business.

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Maxwell Davis

Talent Acquisition

Marti Davis


Marti has over 25 years of recruiting experience.  She learned her recruiting skills when she relocated to the UK just after her son was born. 

She received excellent training from her past employers in the UK and even attended specialty classes at Middlesex University in the UK and obtained the Master Recruiter Certification in 2003. She moved back to the States in 2004 and worked within the Engineering/Aerospace sector for over 15 years.


She also attended Dale Carnegie Campus in Tempe, AZ to further hone her management and communication skills from 2013 to 2016.

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